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How to Create & Launch your Online Signature Program and turn your passion into profits…in just 12 weeks, whilst....
Leveraging your Time + Energy
Amplifying your Impact AND
Unlocking your True Income Potential
10 Spots only at this price!
READY to take your BUSINESS ONLINE, amplify your impact and 
whilst working with the clients you love!... 
 If that sounds too good to be true….then read on below….
Let Me Guess....

You have an expertise, you have a passion and a genuine desire to change the lives of your clients.
You know your stuff! You know this is your calling and you are willing to do whatever it takes.

You started your business so you weren't working 9:5 anymore, answering to a boss or being tied to your desk!....

Expecting more freedom, time to be with the family and take those holidays you truly deserve!

But it's not. It's far from it!...
You find yourself;

Working longer hours and still trading your time for money!

Hitting an Income Ceiling, your calendar is full and you can't take on any more clients!

Knowing you need to create a course, membership or online programme but not sure where to start !

Wanting to help others and create a bigger impact, but not sure how to go about it!

Having no time with your family AND you are not being paid what you are truly worth…..

Or worse still you are on that roller coaster income ride of "feast and famine" and don't have a consistent way to bring in clients into your business.  

You are Feeling the stress and pressure of wanting some consistency and not knowing what to do next!

And You Just Can't See a Way Ahead to Create that Freedom, whilst still getting paid what you truly desire.  

I mean there are only so many hours in the day!   RIGHT!
Well.... it sounds like you are ready to FINALLY change all of that?
Imagine If.......... There Was An Easier Way!

WHERE YOU are no longer trading all your time for money, yet still delivering awesome results for your clients.

WHERE YOU became the "go to expert" in your industry with one CORE SIGNATURE program, yet packaged in what I call the "Triangle of Support" to create multiple income streams

WHERE YOU are now earning income whether you are spending time with your family or travelling the world!

And Best of All.........

WHERE YOU Are Earning More Income than ever before, yet Working Less and Less Hours.......................

It's called a...

It's a must have ASSET that you create, that gets you paid well, for doing what you love, in multi ways....

Think about it like:

Your "how to" process that you have developed over time to teach others what you do...
Your "signature system" you've developed into a course to make a bigger impact...
Your "solution" to the problem you had and have now overcome......that you can now share with others to help them too...

BUT the best part is once you have a SIGNATURE SYSTEM you can easily go from working 1:1 to 1to many.......Think about!!
A Signature System will distinguish you from others and let you do the work once and get paid over and over again!

It transformed my business so I was able to go and generate 6 Figures in 6 Months! 
BUT the best bit is I now work less and EARN more.
and that is why I'm inviting you to join...


Expert Impact Online Launch Accelerator is a dynamic group mastermind & implementation program for coaches, consultants and service based entrepreneurs (we've had RTT Therapists, Property Professionals, Coaches.....and more)

Designed to show you the exact steps and give you all the plug-and-play templates you need to take your knowledge online, grow your business and make a bigger impact. 

Proven launch methods to get those first sales, to create that signature system to sell over and over again, in the simplest and most practical way possible, with the biggest leverage.

No bullshit fluff from me, just  straight forward implementation 
Do It Now, Get It Perfect Later
10 Spots only at this price!
I work one on one now, I can't possibly do the same for everyone, I mean how would I do this online, every client is different!!!

I totally get that, when I first started to do group programs or online courses I had the same fear. 

Firstly I realised, that when I looked closely at my "done for you clients" (how I worked 1;1), there were a lot of similarities in the process I was actually using, and I slowly created my own "formula" to help them.  

Secondly I saw the other benefits  my clients were experiencing by being in a group, they got to build networks, support systems, share their journey, work more at their own pace and realise they are not alone.

A lot even got better results as they didn't feel the intensity of 1:1  which can be a bit daunting for some.
The fact that I don't have a following or a list.....I heard you need this before you can sell online!

This is actually quite true, it's much easier to get started selling online when you either have a list or a following.  However in the program I help you to build some of this fast (whilst creating our program), as long as you are committed to follow the process, invest in some paid traffic.  It can be overcome.

But more importantly, we may not think we have a list or following, but most of us have a "warm market" around us already, and suddenly when we bring out the right offer, there are buyers ready to go.  My two most recent clients, both sold out their first programs this way.

So first start with warm market, then we go on and build your a consistent traffic "lead" flow for future growth.
Technology has been a big issue for me in the past, it overwhelms me and so it's put me off going online, how will this be different!!!

I'm so glad you asked me that as you are not alone.  For me the key is to keep it as simple as possible. I have a knack for turning complex things into simplistic ways.  So don't panic, we have a few templates, setups and examples to get you started.

We use a few bits of technology that we recommend to get you started, yes there is a small investment, but remember we are building a business and new income stream, so we expect that and ROI investment is high as overhead costs online are very low.  Remember my client launched her first course at $197 and still made nearly $10k in her first round of sales.....  

So basically it pays for itself, and it pays for you to grow too! 

First Group Program Launched & 
Clients Signed up as a Financial Planner!

$10k Launch of her first Online Program in the Real Estate Industry.

First High Ticket Program Launched & Clients Signed up as a Therapist!

Launched her first Group Program and went from charging £150 to over £1000.

High Performance Coach - Launched his First Online Group Program and Sold It Out!

6+ figure income stream created last year alone! 
(see update below - Life Changing - £500k generated in their online business)

"Kylie helped us gain clarity around our online course strategy for our business. As busy property professionals we want to create an online course that helps our community to learn from us and share in our success.

Kylie showed us how this can fit into our wider business strategy, plus helped us break down  the course and the moving parts required to put it all together. 

Kylie came to us highly recommended by someone in the property industry and therefore looked forward to working with her.

We weren't disappointed, she is a straight talker who understands our industry and gets straight into creating a clear plan to turn your existing knowledge into a valuable business asset. 

The potential for us to deliver huge value and have a positive impact  on other people’s lives is exciting."

Stephanie & Nicky  HMO Heaven

OR you could...
Just Like Stuart Did.......

"Working with Kylie and her team allowed us to fine tune our High Ticket Program into a more structured model (to be used online in the future), for our 90 day coaching program.

In a very short time period, they warmed up our existing market, expanded this and took them through a buying  process that allowed us to have a successful £47k launch ($61k USD).

The fact we could just hand over all the communication, design and tech stuff to their team was amazing as I could just concentrate on creating good quality content for my program.

It made it simple and easy to launch in a short space of time, with fabulous results, but more
 importantly have a program we can sell over and over again. "


Here's How It All Works.....
This 12 week implementation program is here to help you to:
Leverage Your Time + Energy
Amplify Your Impact AND
Unlock Your True Income Potential
It all starts with having the right foundations in place AND creating your PLAN..  Firstly you have to understand your PROBLEM SOLVING IDEA. Then having complete clarity on your IDEAL TARGET MARKET and how you can help them. Before starting to create your brand and content strategy to become the EXPERT AUTHORITY in your industry with your own USP’s.
Now that you have the foundations in place it’s time to PACKAGE YOU UP.... and define a business model to suit your LIFESTYLE and to generate the desired INCOME you want.  (No One Size Fits All!) I'll show you how to extract your knowledge and create a CORE SIGNATURE program.Then we want to define your BUSINESS MODEL that gives you the freedom and ability to scale. Then design your SALES FUNNEL to attracts clients on a consistent basis who are not only willing to pay you, but do the work as well.
With your knowledge unpacked, it’s time to CREATE AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER, understanding the PRICING & BONUS structure you will use to get paid what you are worth, whilst still having clients begging you to join. Before it’s time to start that LAUNCH process so you can not only test your content, but get your FIRST CLIENTS & ROI for this program.  
Now that your soft launch has been created and you are selling your program. It’s time to start to think about how you can really profit from your Signature Program.
The first step is to make sure your DELIVER an awesome program. Your first program is the most important part of your 6 figure income growth. 
From there it’s time to SYSTEMISE the process around “selling” your program.
Once these are in place, it’s time to really grow and that means increased VISIBILITY - gain publicity and get in front of other people’s audiences to expand your reach.

TIME ...
To Move from 1:1 to Online Scaleable Success
To Stop Trading "All" Your Time for Money
To Create More Freedom in Your Business
To Break Through That Income Barrier &
To Stop the Roller Coaster of Ups & Downs....


What's Actually Included.....
A12 Week Step By Step Group Implementation Program: So you actually launch your program/course and get the work done!  
Small Groups Only: Even though group coaching format, we keep it small so everyone gets 1:1 support (Worth Invaluable!)  (this may not be the case in the more reason to jump in now!)
4 Core Pillar Training Modules: Released each week with worksheets to keep you on track, implementing in between & allowing you a chance to get support PLUS Lifetime Access to core content in one simple place. (Worth £2000)
Weekly Live Q&A Calls with ME:   To answer any questions you have around the core training modules, what you might be stuck on, personalised input into what you are creating and so on.  (Worth £3000)
Carefully Crafted Worksheets/Activities & Checklists:  To help you get stuff done, these are there to support you implementing what you are learning.  (Worth £497)
Private Facebook Group:  To help you with feedback, support and sharing ideas.  (Worth Invaluable)
I know that one of the biggest obstacles that a lot of people have is tech. So there is some additional TECH resources on hand plus a VA will be available weekly to answer any additional tech questions and make 
sure you keep on track.
(Worth £297)
My BRANDING EXPERT will be doing some specialised training on how you create a brand that stands out from the crowd, how you can position yourself as the authority in the market place and what’s the most important thing for branding moving forward,
(Worth £347)
PEER SUPPORT – one of the biggest things that has helped my business grow over the last 18 months is being part of a supportive mastermind group. And I want you to have the same. So we have our own private group that you can share your progress, swap ideas and gain support when you are stuck
(Worth Invaluable!)
My Goal for this program is that you not only CREATE YOUR ONLINE SIGNATURE PROGRAM, you'll become the EXPERT in your industry and you'll have a BUSINESS MODEL that you love 
(remember one size doesn't fit all) plus be making your FIRST SALES.......and get your ROI
10 Spots only at this price!


Plus Some COOL Bonuses!
LEAD MAGNET: Your own personalised lead magnet designed by my fabulous design team to help you immediately list build and start attracting in your ideal client ready to buy your course.  (Value £297)
90 minute GROUP STRATEGY CALL WITH ME: I want to make sure you kick off the program on the right track, on this call we will discuss where you are at now, where you want to go and create a plan around how you'll get there.  It's your time to focus, implement and create the success your truly desire  (Value £597)
To Stop Trading "All" Your Time for Money
To Create More Freedom in Your Business
To Break Through That Income Barrier
To Start Growing Your Business in a way that is reliable, consistent and profitable and FUN (you know, like you always thought it was was going to be?)....

So Let's Do This!
Join Today for £2,997
P.S. I don’t know how you came to land on this page, but chances are it was through the same ‘attraction marketing’ system I'm going to share with you, so you can have your perfect clients landing on pages like this and buying your programs!
Why Work with Me!
*  Well firstly it's not really about me........  In the last 3 Months my clients have generated nearly $100k -
 - one launched a £7k high ticket program and sold out his program
 - another launched their first course - so exciting as it was their first online sale!
 - one client went from charging £100/hr to £3,000 for 6 hours!
or Imagine going from zero to £16k in 6 weeks…..just like the two sisters did!

*  I'm  a SIX FIGURE online coach with REAL bricks and mortar business experience after building a million dollar Estate Agency in London
*  Created an online income that has helped me travel the globe many times overs
*  A speaker for numerous events about my journey as an entrepreneur.
*  About to become a published Author and (yes it will be an Amazon best seller  LOL)

I'm Fun....BUT No Fluff - No Bullshit Coach
I'm About Implementation and Getting It Done
Tech Doesn't Scare Me - and I'm Here to Help

I can't wait to help you get started.
Maybe It's Your Time To 
Just like Krushma is.......

Wow Kylie, what can I say?!

As a coach myself, I think I would be my worst possible client. I don’t go easy on myself or others and have high expectations of what can be achieved on a VIP day/coaching session.

I decided to work with Kylie as I have struggled to create a practical strategy for my business that fitted in with the time I have available and my business goals. When I have tried to do this in the past I’ve ended up with far too many pages of notes and no clear way of organising my thoughts – and therefore never actually creating something I feel so connected to.

This is where Kyle has been incredibly valuable. During our intensive VIP session she not only extracted thoughts and ideas I didn’t even know I had, she also pulled them together in a clear concise strategy with a full action plan for me to follow and implement with her ongoing support when needed.

It’s literally like the fog had lifted and I now have clarity of what I’m really trying to achieve in my business. I’m really looking forward to the implementation of the place once I get the presentation with all our work in it.

Thank you Kylie!!
Krushma Makwana, Director, Krush Coaching 

So Let's Do This!
Yours Today - £2,997
10 Spots Only at this Price

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